26 May 2005

Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #61: You Named Your Pet WHAT?!?

Weekend Assignment #61: What is the most ridiculous name you've ever given a pet? Because, you know, once you've had a few, all the obvious names are taken, and I think most of us get a little slap-happy. "Ridiculous" could mean an absurd name, or a name in opposition to the pet's physical or character traits (i.e., calling a Great Dane "Tiny"), or something else that just points out that there's something goofy about your pet's title. The pet can be current or former, and -- since these are also a source of amusing names -- if you had a ridiculously named stuffed animal at any point in time, you can include that. Also, if you have a show dog or cat, their "formal" titles certainly belong in the ring.

(From John Scalzi's AOL Journal, By The Way)

Meet Pinkey:

(Click to enlarge)

This shot of her, caught mid-wash, clearly highlights the inspiration for her name. The pink stripe up her nose was an obvious and rather unique feature, quite suitable for her nom familier. While perhaps not a 'ridiculous' name in the strictest sense of the word (and technically, I think my mother came up with it, not me), it's certainly not one that I've encountered very often... or, well... ever. In any event, she's been a really good cat, and our family's been lucky to have her around. She's getting a bit crotchety and cranky now that she's fifteen, but she's hangin' in there just fine.

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