26 May 2005

Syrian Intelligence In Iraq? Say It Ain't So!!

From The Daily Star - Lebanon:

A Syrian intelligence officer detained in Baghdad has admitted to launching the missile attack on the late premier Rafik Hariri's Future Television in June 2003, according to Al-Rai al-Aam Kuwaiti newspaper. [.... Hussein Ahmad] Tah said he worked for Syrian intelligence services, adding that he worked for a long time in Lebanon where he perpetrated several attacks. He then moved to Iraq, where he committed several attacks against mosques and Iraqi civilians.

To exhibit due caution, it must be noted that Tah's activities in Iraq were very much a sidenote in the article and were not explained in detail; thus the level and extent of Syrian involvement in the Iraqi insurgency is as yet quite unknown. However, if futher investigation reveals concrete evidence of direct, organized involvement of the Syrian government in Iraqi affairs.... Well, seems like that would be grounds for action of some sort, diplomatic or otherwise.

(Hat tip: Captain's Quarters)

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