26 May 2005

A Unique Form Of Entertainment

I have an RSS aggregator, SharpReader, which I find to be an extremely useful tool. However, it can be quite entertaining at times, too. For example, the Bolton nomination was just delayed further in the Senate. From The Corner over on NRO:

RE: BOLTON VOTE [Mark R. Levin]
Well, so much for Senate comity. That lasted about 48 hours.

From Daily Kos:

Bolton blocked. Temporarily
Looking that way. Democrats say this isn't a traditional filibuster -- Bolton isn't being killed. His nomination is merely being delayed until the administration delivers information Dems consider crucial to making a final determinatioon [sic].

Good move.

Both of these items popped up at roughly the same time. It's like I'm a fly on the wall of a great big ethereal shouting match. :-P

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