22 June 2005

An Interesting Topical Convergence

First, watch the movie here.

As I was watching that movie, the headline for this article popped up in my RSS aggregator. :-P

(I'm not, of course, attempting to make light of the news article!)

(Hat tips: Movie - Aurora; News story - AP)


Matt Rustler said...

Ha! I saw a slightly longer version of that clip just a few days ago. It looks like fun, but it seems like begging for trouble, too. If that Super Soaker sprang a leak . . . Well, I think I'll pass.

The clip came to me in an e-mail from a colleague entitled, "whatever you do, DO NOT try this!" Another recipient was a colleague, senior to both the sender and me, who has a serious impulse control/judgment problem when it comes to playing with inherently dangerous instrumentalities or, for that matter, doing foolhardy things in general. He seems to be a very high discounter, which is surprising for a married father of his age. Anyway, I couldn't help thinking that, under the circumstances, "DO NOT try this!" sounded a little like, "please, Brer Fox, don't fling me in that briar patch."

Brian said...

Yep. The thing that blows my mind is that they were testing this indoors. While I suppose outdoors in a field would also be a bad idea, per the wildfire risk, I can't imagine the owner of the house (unless it was owned by the flamethrower manufacturer) being too thrilled at this particular project.

Of course, along with the link, the person who pointed this out to me said (quoting approximately): “THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! I want one.” <helpless shrug>

And I agree with you... inevitably, the “Don't try this at home” warnings are ignored and bad things happen. I can't wait to see the warning label that Super Soaker comes up with... “Do not fill with a flammable liquid and/or operate near an open flame. Personal injury or property damage may result.”