03 June 2005

Oops... But It's Still The Repub's Fault

No harm in a wee nip of Photoshopping, right?

Not when you make a campaign ad for a GOP gubernatorial hopeful by transplanting him into a shot of a certain well-known Democratic figure in front of a cheering crowd. At least the creative director of the ad company that pulled this little cut-and-paste was kind enough to "[issue] a written apology to Schundler [the GOP hopeful] and [say] the candidate had no knowledge about the photo's origin." I'm not entirely certain how this sounded like a good idea to the guy who put the ad together.

However, note the headline: "GOP candidate's Web site used doctored Dean photo" - this, err...doesn't exactly give the impression that the GOP candidate was innocent in the matter, despite the quote in the article stating that the GOP candidate had no knowledge of the photo's origin.

Granted, this was published on Boston.com, probably not the source most favorably disposed towards Republicans. But, this was an AP release, and thus (I have to assume) was geared towards generalized media outlets and should (ostensibly) be presented as neutrally as possible. Doesn't strike me that that's the case, though.

To those who say, "What liberal media bias?" I say, "Uh-huh, whatever."

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