26 June 2005

Some Unreal Scenery

I bought a whole bunch of old(er) games on eBay recently—probably far more than I should have—ranging from a copy of the original System Shock (1994) to Unreal II (2003). I think I may have gotten some that date from before ’94, but that gives the gist. Despite the difficulty of getting some of these old creakers to run on my new box, I'm quite satisifed with my purchases.

In any event, I've been playing U-II quite a bit lately, and I have to say, it’s really pretty, which holds true to how impressive the original Unreal was visually for its time. U-II’s soundtrack is also very impressive—high quality stuff with lots of dynamic music changes in response to game events.

The gameplay is excellent, with lots of fun weapons and challenging enemies. Some of the levels I’ve played thus far have been genuinely tough, requiring strategy and planning and often a bit of light-footed dodging. :-) There's a solid storyline there as well, with plenty of mystery and uncertainty about surrounding events and your character’s role in them. I think I’m close to a turning point in the plot, as I’ve got a pile of unanswered questions as big as the pile of enemies I’ve left in my wake. :-P

In any event, I grabbed some screenshots to share with y’all—the vista from this one level was really awesome, and one of the following levels had some... interesting landforms. So, here we go... the first set here covers various angles of aforementioned vista:

(This one’s my favorite, I think)

This next is a view through the scope of the sniper rifle, which I think is pretty nifty looking:

The next two are on the planet with the ‘interesting geoforms’—the first shows one of said geoforms (which might actually be a big skeleton or something) and the second shows the rolling rust-red hills:

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