10 June 2005

This Is Just Ridiculous

Need some celebrity air?

You are bidding on ONE Jar of Celebrity Air which was captured at the movie premiere for “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

In addition to the jar of celebrity air are two t-shirts from the Mr. & Mrs. Smith premiere.

As of this post there are 53 bids, with the current going price of $15,099. Wonder how long it'll take eBay to pull this one down...

Update, 6/11/05 3:40 AM: 83 bids, $21,100. And there are still more than nine days left to go!!

Update, 6/12/05 1:23 AM: eBay has removed the auction. However, there are plenty of copycat auctions up now, if you're really desperate to get your hands on this stuff. :-P

(Hat tip: The Corner)

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