05 June 2005

Truly Worthwhile Science

From CNN.com:

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) -- Canadian and U.S. scientists have developed vaccines that protect monkeys from the deadly Marburg and Ebola viruses and show promise for humans, a study published in Nature Medicine magazine said Sunday.

It will take five or six years to complete the research to show the experimental vaccines can be safe and effective for people exposed to the contagious viruses, which are almost always fatal, said Steven Jones, one of the Canadian-based scientists behind the study.

"The data would suggest that instead of 100 percent chance of dying, they would have an 80 percent chance of survival," Jones said.

There are lots of dangerous jobs. Some people walk around on the top levels of skycrapers under construction. Others grab highly venomous snakes with their bare hands while cracking jokes in front of a camera. These people work daily with viruses that kill in the most vicious, painful, awful ways imaginable. Very worthy of respect, I must say.

Me, I'm chicken... I don't do anything like that. :-P

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Anonymous said...

me neither. and yes, you can call me a chicken - I haven't volunteered yet.