13 July 2005

A CWRU-Born Timewaster

Derb on the Corner linked to this today. Good to see they’re still keeping the Comp Sci’s busy over there. :-P


Hugh said...

this brings back memories of scout camp. untangleing the rope that somebody didn't roll up right. verrry nice timewaster, and somewhat infuriating and yet addicting at the same time

J.B. said...

Iesh...I got to level 7 before I realized I'd spent half an hour on it. Anyway...thanks for the time-waster, Brian...reminds me why I'm a liberal arts person. =P

Just stumbled on your blog...never thought I'd find a blog by someone I knew way back when. O.o ;)

koops said...

I had to cut myself off after level 8 because it was 2am. Then i saw those nodes in my head when i was trying to fall asleep!