26 July 2005

Pardon My Cynicism

... but if something like this happened at an Israeli airport, do you think there would be the same mobilization of Jordanian (or Egyptian or Lebanese or Syrian) medical personnel? I'm not saying that I'm confident they wouldn’t send help, but... I think it’s kinda sad that the question of a one-sided response even comes to mind.

Update, 07/26/05 2:30 PM — Well, the plane didn’t crash... looks like it just blew a tire and flipped or something, and all the crew is safe and healthy. Still... the Israeli crews were prepping to help, which IMO is a worthwhile gesture of goodwill.

(Article from AP)

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William Sherwin said...

Jordan might help Israel - but Jordan and Israel are on friendly terms. There's a smaller chance that Egypt might help. However, had this disaster happened in Damascus instead of Amman, Israel would not have sent any help, because Syria is a sworn enemy and a harbor for terror (a.k.a. mini-Iran).

Also, Israel's equipment is far more sophisticated, which is why Israel sent help; with all due respect to Jordan and Egypt, with which Israel does have peace treaties, I doubt that they would be able to help too much...