26 July 2005

Roberts – Highly Entertaining

The blogosphere debate over the impending SCOTUS confirmation process for recently-nominated John Roberts and how it will play out is in full swing, with voices from the left and the right weighing in. Many on the left are concerned about Roberts not being sufficiently forthcoming about his philosophical and ideological bent during Senate questioning, and most on the right seem to be cautiously optimistic that Democrats will forgo the filibuster and permit the (likely successful) Senate confirmation vote for Roberts.

However, I'm really not qualified to speak to any of that, save to express my hope that, whatever the outcome, Roberts's nomination is permitted to come to a vote. What I am writing about here is Basil's Blog, which I just ran across. Fortuitously, the first post I ran across was this one—I actually laughed out loud at a couple of points. Note that those leaning left may not appreciate this all that much, but those in the middle, on the right, or who are comfortably politically indifferent should be... well... highly entertained. ;-)

(Incidentally, check out the ‘El Edwards’ link early on in the post... 's a couple of shades above mildly cool.)

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