21 September 2005

Can I Claim Spruce Green?

Longer, more introspective post hopefully to come soon (hah), but I just had to toss this up.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger (actually readable) version:

Are they serious? I’m assuming this has been pointed out before and I’ve just missed it, but... c’mon, one-click ordering, anyone?

09 September 2005

Token Vaguely Poetic Moment

I think I ate too much today;
It is though yet too soon to say.
If come the morn indeed I pay,
Why then at home I might just stay...

That is, if skipping Japanese weren’t such a terribly bad idea. Man, this semester is going to be busy!

(Oh, and I’m really just fine... it was just late, and I guess I was in a rhyming mood... and boom, there ya go. <shrug> So sue me. :-D)