23 October 2005

Quickie Photoblog

Sorry for the long wait between posts... school’s been a bit hectic. I’m sure y’all’d’ve much preferred something more thought-provoking, but... eh, deal with it. :-P

I do think this shot turned out really well, though:

It’s a view of a small slice of MIT campus that I see on my way into work every day. It has elements that represent parts of my experience here thus far pretty well, actually... the dome visible center-frame is the highly recognizeable Great Dome at MIT and the nearer building on the right with the sun shining full on it is the Chemical Engineering building. This picture doesn’t really show off the impressive triangular profile of the building, but at least it gets part of it in there.

Incidentally, the building on the left with the dark window stripes is the Media Lab, and the angular concrete... er... thing... that frames the Great Dome is a (so far as I’m aware) mostly useless appendage off of building E17.

...<shrug> I just don’t ask about these sorts of things... I mean, take a look at the Stata Center. (Those from CWRU should immediately recognize the main elements of the architecture.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Wikipedia link for the Stata Center is hilarious. He didn't want it called a complex because "Stata Complex" sounds like a psychological disorder...

...Well, judging by the way it looks, it does seem to be a physical/architectural representation of a psychological disorder... heehehe!