27 July 2007

Garden @ Church

In an effort to get myself back into the habit of posting here, I present a link to a photo diary (of sorts) of the progression of the garden currently growing on the grounds of the Cambridge site of the Boston Vineyard. It's meant to be a team project with the kids I work with on Sundays (4th–6th graders), and seems to be going well. No real clear idea of what we'll do with the produce once we have it, but hey... shouldn't be too hard to find folks to take it off our hands, if worse comes to worst. :-p

View of the garden plot as of ~2 weeks ago:

(Link also goes to PicasaWeb)

Incidentally, one of the administrative folks in the church said that the garden might become a more permanent fixture... the church rents building space on site to a charter school, and I guess the(? a?) biology teacher there is interested in making garden-planting a unit for the end of the spring. So, that would be pretty cool if this turned into an ongoing project!

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