21 September 2007

Headline Gripe

MIT coed with fake bomb 'art' arrested.

Ok. Firstly, granted: the girl should probably have realized that wearing a circuit board of any kind to the airport while carrying Play-Doh equals BAD IDEA. No doubt there.


The headline? "Fake bomb 'art' "? Come on. Implying that the girl was trying to make some sort of political statement or something by walking into the airport wearing it? I don't buy it, and it's pretty disingenuous for the AP to headline it that way. Odds are, having worked with circuitry so much, it didn't occur to her that most other people wouldn't know the breadboard was innocuous. It's probably similar to the (perhaps apocryphal) story of the chemist going through airport security with his calorimeter: when asked about the nature of the shiny, round metal object he was carrying, he responded, "Oh, that's just my bomb."

So, yeah. Shouldn't have happened in the first place, foolish mistake on her part... but this reporting tack just irks me. :-P

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