25 November 2008

AP/Yahoo and/or Obama: Schizophrenic

This has to be one of the most patently absurd things I've seen in a while... on Yahoo, just now, Obama promotes fiscal restraint, big spending (emphasis mine):

President-elect Barack Obama wants to project fiscal restraint even as his economic team assembles a massive recovery package that could cost several hundred billion dollars.

A day after introducing the captains of his economic team and promoting a giant jobs plan, Obama on Tuesday was to lay out his budget belt-tightening vision. The dual images — big spender and disciplined budget watcher — were designed to give both political and economic assurances to the public, the Congress and the financial markets.

Um, 'scuse me? How can any rational person use 'fiscal restraint' and 'big spending' in the same headline and not have their brain abandon ship in protest? How can Obama both be a big spender, and keep a tight rein on the budget?

Oh, well, right... I suppose if he jacked taxes way up, he could balance the budget and still spend big. Silly me.

Hope all you's folks weren't counting on that 'tax cut' he promised any time soon...

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