31 August 2009

Linking Facebook & Blogger

Soo... Facebook and Twitter integrate well - any tweets I make that aren't direct replies to people are automatically shunted into FB status updates as well. This is nifty.

However, there've been some really good discussions going on in some comment threads of some of my FB posts, and I would really like to open them up to a broader audience, if I could. Does anybody know of a way to tightly integrate comments on a particular blog post on Blogger with the comments on a particular FB link/status update/other entity?

I wouldn't want it to be across-the-board, and the initial link wouldn't necessarily need to be automatic. (That is, I'd be happy to have to establish the initial link between blog post and FB post manually, as long as all the comment integration proceeded automatically from there.)

Anybody have any ideas, or know of anything that would achieve this?